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Lead-Lined Door Metal Frames

Leadex Group offers lead-lined hollow-metal door frames designated to support the heavy weight of lead-lined doors and match other metal frames on your project.



Lead-Lined Window Metal Frames

Leadex Group offers lead-lined borrowed light window frames design to support
The weight of leaded glass and to match other metal frames on your

All frames are manufactured of cold-rolled 18 gauge steel, with welded
Mitered corners and are prime-painted at the factory. Frames have
Removable stops which are predrilled and counter sunk, for easy field glazing.

To meet the shielding specification, a uniform sheet of lead of the required thickness is securely fixed in the inside of the frame.
All frames are manufactured to meet project specifications which requires a

Lead time of 5 working days. For larger view panels, frames with mullions are also available


Lead-Lined Slide-in Window Frame





Our exclusive slide-in frame is a simple solution for when you need to install a window up to 18” x 18” in an existing lead-lined wall. All frames are custom made to fit on your existing wall and with up to 1/8” lead shielding.



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